Go Paperless

Eliminate paper clutter and switch to receiving your electric bill and Indiana Connection membership newsletter via email. Say goodbye to lost paperwork and embrace a clutter-free, eco-friendly lifestyle.

E-Bill: No more sifting through piles of paper; your bill goes right to your email for quick and easy access. Plus, it’s speedy, and you can pay your bill online with a simple click. With the increase in stamp costs, you can save money by not mailing a check to the office.

E-Newsletter: When you decide to receive the e-newsletter option, there is no waiting around to get the latest scoop on the exciting news from your co-op. The e-newsletter includes interactive features with clickable links, and you can easily save the recipes without having to tear out pages.

Going paperless starts today! Drop your information in the form below, and your electric bill and newsletter will begin showing up in your inbox instead of your mailbox.

Paperless Enrollment

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