Electric Vehicles

If you're an EV owner and interested in joining the EV car club, stay tuned for upcoming meetings where you can learn more about this club.

Do You Own an Electric Vehicle? If So, You’re Invited to Join the EV Car Club

  • EV owners welcome. (Not limited to KV REMC members)
  • Be a part of helping the co-op develop programs to benefit the EV community.
  • Interact with like-minded EV enthusiasts sharing tips and information.
  • No fee or commitment is required to be in the club.

Are You Looking to Drive Electric?

The electric vehicle industry is gaining momentum.  Research has shown that people are turning to electric vehicles for the savings on fuel and maintenance costs, driving performance and being environmentally friendly.  Of those, the leading reason appears to be the savings owners see at the plug by not having to pay at the pump.

As your local electric co-op looks to develop programs to meet the needs of electric vehicle owners, we need your help.  Share your experience as an owner of an electric vehicle on the form below.

Is An EV Right For Me?

KV REMC’s Electric Vehicle

2019 Chevrolet Bolt