Fees & Charges

Residential & Commercial Membership


Membership Fee:

  • All KV REMC members are charged a one-time membership fee of $35 when they begin electric service with KV REMC.  A credit check is run to determine if a security deposit is necessary.

Reconnection Fee:

  • If the meter has the remote capability and the service at a location has been disconnected by the Cooperative due to non-payment, a reconnection fee of $25 and a possible security deposit must be paid before the service will be reconnected.
  • If a meter must be manually reconnected, and same-day reconnection is requested and can be done, an additional charge of up to $150 will be required.

Non-Sufficient Funds & Return Check Charge:

  • A charge of $25 must be paid for each check returned by the bank due to non-sufficient funds or other reasons.

New Service Application Fee:

  • A $75 application fee is required when submitting a new construction application to KV REMC.  This applies to any area outside of a subdivision.

Temporary Service Fee:

  • If a member-consumer requests a temporary service to be installed at a location, a fee of $150 must be paid prior to installation.

NOTE:  Additional construction fees are applicable and will be provided during the onsite review.

Security Light Fee:

  • Security Light Monthly Fee-$15.25
  • Move Existing Security Light-$175
  • Move Existing Security Light and Pole (reusing existing pole)-$475
  • Reinstall Security Light After Requested Removal (no new pole needed)-$350
  • Reinstall Security Light After Requested Removal (new pole needed)-$950

Community Room Rental Fee:

  • Refundable deposit-$100
  • Non-KV REMC member-$125
  • Not-For-Profit Organization –$75 
  • KV REMC Member-$75