Solar Power Starting At 20 Cents Per Month

Does solar energy interest you, but not the expense of a large array in your backyard or panels on your roof?  How does 20 cents per month sound to to have your energy come from the sun?  Kankakee Valley REMC is offering a program designed to make it easier and more affordable to invest in solar energy.

In collaboration with nine additional Wabash Valley Power Association member cooperatives, Co-Op solar will allow members to purchase "shares" of the solar energy.  With Co-Op Solar you get the benefit of solar panels spread across three states.  So, when it is cloudy in Wanatah, that doesn't mean the sun isn't shining on an array at another location.

How much is the investment?
Co-Op Solar was designed to give you access to solar energy at an affordable price.  KVREMC is offering members the ability to buy into the program at the current rate of 20 cents per share each month.  You can purchase up to one half of your average annual kWh use.  The charge for the number of shares you agree to purchase will be billed on your monthly electric bill.

An average members electric usage would allow for them to purchase up to 12 shares of Co-Op Solar at the cost of $2.40 per month.

How do I get started?
Call the cooperative office and a member of our team can advise you on how many shares you are eligible to purchase.  For just a few cents you can have access to affordable, clean energy, while doing your part in protecting the environment. 

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