Interested in running for the co-op board?

Your electric cooperative is run by a democratically elected board that is given the privilege to serve its fellow co-op member-consumers, neighbors and friends.  If leading your electric cooperative interests you, consider running for directorship at the 2020 annual meeting.

Director candidates must meet certain qualifications, such as not being related to a co-op employee or director and not being engaged in business with the co-op or competing entity.  In addition, member-consumers must reside in one of the districts up for election.

At the 2020 annual meeting, taking place on June 4, we will be electing directors from District 4 and an at-large position.  District 4 includes the following township:  Davis, Center, Oregon, Washington, and North Bend townships in Starke County and Union and West townships in Marshall County.  The at-large director position allows for the member consumer to reside in any area served by KV REMC.  

To run for the board, interested member-consumers must complete a petition. Candidates from District 4 must collect signatures from 15 member-consumers from that district.  At-large candidates must collect 15 signatures from member-consumers residing in any KV REMC district. In addition, member-consumers interested in running for a board seat must attend a mandatory informational meeting on March 31 at 6:30 p.m. CST at the KV REMC headquarters in Wanatah.  Everyone who meets the qualifications attends the informational meeting and completes a petition will be on the ballot.  There will be no nominations for directorship accepted at the annual meeting. 

For questions regarding director qualifications, please contact our office at 800-552-2622.