KV REMC Employees Give Back with Bike Build

Last month, KV REMC employees took a detour from the ordinary day and embarked on a one-of-a-kind teambuilding activity that involved collaboration, problem-solving, and communication. The mission? Build a bicycle.

Armed with an array of tools, KV REMC employee teams earned parts through trivia challenges. Navigating twists and turns, they faced the challenge of finding the wrong parts, which required teamwork and communication to locate the correct components.

As the 11 bikes took form, a group of students from the community joined in on the fun. Handpicked from their schools, these inspectors tackled the tough job of ensuring the bikes were assembled and built with precision and safety in mind. They even took the bikes for a spin.

The day ended with a surprise as the co-op CEO gifted each student the bike they had inspected and test-ridden.

Jeff Maroon, GIS administrator at the co-op, said, “This was a great team-building event where we worked with co-workers outside of our department. The highlight was seeing the
students’ excitement when the CEO revealed they could take the bikes home.”

This activity kicks off a series of team-building ventures for the year, each emphasizing collaboration and community giveback.