High-Speed Fiber Internet Access-The Wait Is Over

We are excited to announce plans for Surf Internet to connect individual neighborhoods and homes to high-speed fiber internet via the KV REMC fiber ring!

Access to reliable and affordable internet service has long been a missing resource in our rural communities, and we have been taking steps over the last few years
to rectify that. In 2021, Kankakee Valley REMC began constructing a fiber- optic ring project to provide a reliable communication pathway between
the co-op's headquarters and our 14 electrical distribution substations.

We had two goals with this project: The first was to use the fiber ring to improve organizational efficiencies and adopt new technologies. Second was the hope that an internet service provider could use parts of the fiber infrastructure to offer broadband services to our rural communities— and now, Surf Internet is going to do just that.

Headquartered in Elkhart and with an office in La Porte, Surf Internet is local. Their mission is to deliver high-speed, reliable internet to homes and businesses in underserved, rural communities across Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

The fiber-to-the-home project will be funded through a combination of Surf Internet's investment and grant dollars. Acquiring additional government grant funding will expand the number of homes Surf Internet can reach. Decision makers awarding government grants weigh "interest shown by community members" heavily in their selection process. You can indicate your interest by completing this form: kvremc.com/community/broadband- interest.

After completing the form, you'll be asked to visit the Indiana crowd-sourced broadband project website, infarmbureau.org/resources/ broadband-speed-test, where we ask that you take the speed test.

Encourage your friends and neighbors to participate; the more individuals who express interest and need, the further Surf Internet's wave of connectivity can travel!