Ensuring Power Reliability

Transformers and electrical lines are critical in delivering power to homes and businesses. At KV REMC, we take the safety and reliability of these components seriously, which is why our dedicated crews perform year-round inspections.

These inspections aren't just routine; they're vital for preventing outages, identifying potential hazards, and maintaining the integrity of our system. From the towering poles to the hidden underground networks, our crews diligently inspect both overhead and underground electrical equipment. So don't be surprised if you spot them in your backyard or along the neighborhood right-of-way, ensuring everything is in top shape. Let's not forget about those iconic green boxes in some yards — the pad-mount transformers. These essential structures house much of the same equipment found overhead, but they need proper ventilation to operate efficiently.

While homeowners may attempt to conceal these transformers with landscaping or structures, it's important to remember that they require adequate airflow. Restricted airflow can lead to overheating and service interruptions. For our crews to perform maintenance and repairs effectively, they need 10 feet of clearance at the front side of the pad-mounted transformer and 4 feet of open space at the rear and sides.

We understand the value of landscaping, but ensuring our crews' safety and our equipment's reliability is our top priority. So, next time you consider landscaping around transformers, remember it's all about keeping the power flowing reliably and safely to our members.