Energy Savings

Take charge of your energy costs, and learn where you can save the most!

The Tools To Help you Save

Through energy efficient programs and services, Kankakee Valley REMC is providing members with the tools to make wise energy decisions for their homes and businesses.


If you are looking for information on how to make your existing home more comfortable and energy efficient, planning to build a new home with low utility costs and high indoor air quality, or just wanting answers to your general questions about energy usage, we have the energy solutions to help you with your needs.

Energy Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate energy use. Make adjustments to your inputs to see where you can find monthly savings.

Online Energy Assessment

The better you understand your home, the more control over your energy usage and your utility bill you will have. Find out where your home is using the most power.

Savings Tips

Take control of your utility usage by making a few changes to your energy usage habits. See how you can save more money every month!

Energy Savings

Energy Rebates

The more efficient you are with utility consumption, the more money you can save. Check to see if you qualify for any energy rebates or incentives.

In-Home Energy Assessment

Most people could save a lot of money throughout the course of the year by making a few changes. Our energy advisor can help you do just that!

Understand Your Bill

We don’t want you to just pay your bill. We want you to understand your energy usage and what you’re paying for.

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