Overhead Service on Building

Download a PDF version: Overhead Service on Building (PDF)

General Information

No meter base or entrance should be installed before a KV REMC engineer has checked the proposed location.

Means of disconnect must be directly through wall or directly under meter in basement. Any other location requires conduit and a disconnect at meter.

Diagram of overhead service on building showing weather head wired with #2 copper for 100 amp service and #2/0 copper or #4/0 aluminum for 200 amp service. Leave 24 inches or wire out of the weather heat with neutral marked from REMC to attach to. Conduit or service cable straps installed as required. 2-inch galvanized or Gray Schedule 40 PVC conduit may be used from meter base up to weather head. Weatherproof busing and locknuts at all connections. Breaker box/disconnect box installed at meter base. Meter base (furnished by KV REMC installed 5 feet above finished grade by electrician. 2 ⅝-inch by 10-foot copper ground rods spaced 6 feet apart. Ground wire shall be in ½-inch conduit up to meter base using #4 copper as the conductor.