4-H Fee Reimbursement


Kids posing at the Porter County Fair

Register your son or daughter for 4-H year, and KV REMC will reimburse you the program fees.

The reimbursement is only available to youth whose parents or guardians are Kankakee Valley REMC member-consumers.

Here are the easy steps to receive your 4-H program reimbursement:

  1. Register for 4-H and pay the program fees.
  2. Submit your receipt to KV REMC. Be sure the receipt includes your son or daughter’s name. A maximum of 3 program fees will be reimbursed. The receipt can be mailed or hand-delivered to the KV REMC office or submitted using the form below. Checks can only be mailed to the KV REMC member.
  3. Once KV REMC receives your receipt, a bill credit on your KV REMC account will be issued to you for the program fees. Only state and county program fees will be reimbursed.

The enrollment process needs to be complete by January 15, 2024

4-H Reimbursement

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