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Our new Electric Vehicle Program is launching in summer of 2019! Find out more about electric vehicles and if one might be right for you.

Are You Looking to Drive Electric

The electric vehicle industry is gaining momentum.  Research has shown that people are turning to electric vehicles for the savings on fuel and maintenance costs, driving performance and being environmentally friendly.  Of those, the leading reason appears to be the savings owners see at the plug by not having to pay at the pump.  

As your local electric co-op looks to develop programs to meet the needs of electric vehicle owners, we need your help.  Share your experience as an owner of an electric vehicle on the form below.  

Is An EV Right For Me?


KV REMC's New Electric Vehicle

2019 Chevrolet Bolt

Share your EV Experience

Kankakee Valley REMC is embracing this new technology and educating our staff on electric vehicles.  We are interested in why you decided to "plug" in, what model you drive, how it has fit your needs and any challenges you have experienced.  Share you story with us as we evaulate charging options and a electric vehicle program that will fit the needs of our members.  

You can share your story in the form below or call our office at 219-733-2511 and ask to speak to Dave Howell.    

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