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Old Fashioned FanWe’ve become so accustomed to air conditioning that sometimes we forget what came before – those old-fashioned fans that helped keep our parents and grandparents cool during the hot summer months.

Fans haven’t outlived their usefulness! Ceiling fans are a popular addition to many homes, providing extra cooling power that makes it possible to be comfortable even when you set your air conditioning thermostat at a higher temperature. On days when you just need a bit of a breeze, instead of a deep freeze, or on pleasant nights, a ceiling fan alone can keep you nice and cool.

But ceiling fans aren’t the whole story. Small portable fans set at floor level can keep cold air, which sinks, moving up where you need it. Larger window fans can be used to pull cool air inside or draft hot air out, and may provide all the cooling power you need when the humidity is fairly low. And whole-house or attic fans have been around for years, doing an excellent job of cooling entire homes.

So don’t overlook the good old-fashioned fan this summer. In combination with your air conditioner or alone, fans can help you save energy and stay cool.

Source: Rocky Mountain Institute and TECO Web sites